Potrero Gateway Park Steering Committee

Umesh Umesh Bhandary
Umesh has been living in San Francisco since 2005 and in Potrero Hill since 2010. He and his wife- Nodana- own a beautiful Victorian on the 400 block of Vermont Street. They love walking around the neigborhood and to grocery stores and shops on both sides of the freeway. Umesh is involved with the steering committee because he believes the area around the freeway should not necessarily be an eye shore but can be turned into something useful that can be enjoyed by the entire neighborhood.
jean2 Jean Bogiages
Seeing how a Caltrans right-of-way at 18th and Utah could be transformed from a graffiti pocked- glass and needle filled sand pit into a garden of drought resistant native California plants by a group of motivated neighbors and having a little more time in retirement- Jean is inspired to devote some of that time to working with motivated neighbors on San Bruno- Mariposa- Utah and Vermont to take the area denoted by the Loop project and try to bring it to a more beautiful- safer and useable state.
image007 Maria Tong
My boyfriend and I are new homeowners and moved into our house on the 400 block of San Bruno Avenue in 2010.  We love the warm- almost always sunny weather of Potrero Hill- its great views from certain streets- its central location- walkability to stores- easy accessibility to the freeways- proximity to downtown and The Mission.  Although not a native- I have lived in San Francisco since 1967.  Potrero Hill- like San Francisco- has changed in the last 20 years- yet certain areas- like our neighborhood has stood still over time- which is not good.  That is why I'm excited to be working with like-minded neighbors and MUNA on the Potrero Gateway Park project with the goals of regenerating the area- reclaiming it for ourselves and nearby businesses- converting forgotten and overlooked spaces into vibrant- useable streets that are clean- green- bright and safe for all to enjoy.
JR Head Shot (221x240) (184x200) J.R. Eppler
J.R. has lived in San Francisco since 2007. He and his wife- Kate- have lived on Utah Street since 2010. He views the 17th Street underpass as a gateway to Potrero Hill for those travelling on foot or by bike- and wants to make the experience of walking the neighborhood as safe and friendly as possible.
i-5rHRMgf-M (190x185) Sheldon Trimble
Sheldon and his husband Jeff bought their home on Mariposa and San Bruno in 2001. They love living in this area of town because of its proximity to downtown- the airport- parks for their two children- and the great restaurants. When they bought their home the 101 freeway could be heard but not seen as it was hidden by tall pines and bushes. Over the years the foliage has been removed- leaving a barren- garbage-littered hill with full view of the freeway and much louder noise pollution. Sheldon is excited about the possibility of revitalizing this area to make it a beautiful nature-filled area that is both useable and safe.
db pic Dianne Bates
I have been a resident of Potrero Hill since 2009 and San Francisco since 1997. I love the views- sunny weather and open space- while having easy access to Downtown and the Mission. Reviving the Loop and 17th St corridor will help not just the immediate area- but have a positive impact on the surrounding neighborhoods that are connected by this neglected region. Look forward to making it a great experience for walkers- bikers- and everyone who passes through.
melisas Melissa Wong
I have been a resident of Potrero Hill since 2009 and San Francisco since 2001. I love the city because it's so vibrant- people are so active and there is always something interesting to do or learn. I love living in Potrero because of the view- location and people! It's like a hidden gem. I'm interested in revitalizing the Loop because I think it will help build community space- Green and beautify the area- make it safer- and help make under utilized space functional.
Untitled (120x103) Seven Solomon
Beginning my 10th year as a Potrero Hill resident – I enjoy the views and the feeling of being on a peaceful "island" in the midst of a vibrant city.  I enjoy urban hikes to discover beautiful and interesting spaces.  I would like to contribute to the creation of another one in our neighborhood to build community and a better local environment for all who pass this way.
Untitled (120x103) Michael Kerbow
Michael is Vermont Street Resident with a studio on Bryant Street where he practices his art. He sees the opportunity for creating an exciting urban park on the Caltrans right-of-way along Vermnt-17th and San Bruno.
Untitled (120x103) Sapna Mahwal
Sapna (a Vermont Street resident) is new to Potrero Hill. She enjoys walking across the 18th Street overpass which is Caltrans property reclaimed by the neighbors and converted into a floral landscape. She wants to work towards converting the Potrero Gateway Loop right-of-way into a similar area for the community to enjoy.
Untitled (120x103) April Ellis
April is one of the original; organizers of the San Bruno Avenue Neighborhood Association. She is instrumental in the creation of the San Bruno Block parties and wants to see the Potrero Gateway Loop become a reality for the neighborhood.