A Little History

Beginning in 2007, with a petition to add a sound wall to San Bruno Avenue, a MUNA committee of neighbors from San Bruno and Mariposa reached out to city agencies for help. In 2010, after finding no help for a sound wall, the committee decided to approach the problem using re-landscaping for safety, sound control and beauty. In early 2012 neighbors from the 400 block of Vermont joined the project forming the Potrero Gateway Park Steering committee (PGPL). The project  raised $15,000 and retained the services of Bionic, a San Francisco based landscape architecture firm.

Beginning in February 2013, the steering committee worked with broader community and Bionic to conduct four community design meetings. The final outcome of this process was a comprehensive conceptual design for the project which was used to win funding and sponsorships from the city, local businesses and other state programs.

With the Conceptual Design Plan completed the Steering Committee reached out to D10 Supervisor Cohen who engaged Public Works Director Mohammend Nuru resulting in a Project Manager, Kelli Rudnick being assigned to the project.  In 2014 and 2015 the Committee created a video,  held a fundraiser raising $18,000 and reaching 150 people, concluded 3 meetings with Caltrans resulting in a complete review of the conceptual design, hired a construction estimator to cost the entire project, won a $200K  Complete Neighborhoods Grant, and  reached out the the Eastern Neighborhoods Community Advisory Committee for a funding.  On October 19,2016, the ENCAC awarded the Potrero Gateway Loop Steering committee of MUNA $1.75M towards the $2.5M goal for the first stage of the project.

Public Works and Bionic could not agree on a design contract, so the funding raised for the project by the Potrero Gateway steering committee will be hanled by Public Works, working with the MUNA PGP steering committee.  Meeting minutes continue to be saved on this website.