The Potrero Gateway Park project wants to reclaim the open spaces that once held homes before the 1954 installation of the 101 freeway. The open space on theh 400 block of Vermont will be a volunteer driven example of transforming a neglected space into purposeful habitat restoration. The safety issues on the streets surrounding the freeway (Vermont, 17th, San Bruno) will be addressed with safety and beautification projects.

Eco-Patch Test Garden

This project posits that the Eco-Patch can grow into a demonstration garden to serve as a resource for the greater community that showcases the ecological and aesthetic benefits of habitat restoration. By design, the Eco-Patch encourages imitation, as it seeks to show the positive impact that a network of habitat patches can have on biodiversity. Geographic isolation caused by habitat fragmentation is one of the leading causes of biodiversity loss and so a network of patches in close proximity helps remedy this.

Landscape work donated by Field-Collective

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Test Garden
Plant Archetypes


Under the Bridge
The area at the top of the hill where the freeway becomes a bridge has become a location for unhoused to set up camp. This is not healthy for the unhoused or for the neighborhood.

San Bruno Avenue
Trees that protected the homes from the freeway have burned or died leaving the homes exposed to raw freeway noise and toxins. The condition also encourages unhoused to search refuge in an unforgiving location.

Vermont Street
Acting as an extension of a freeway offramp, the homes on the 400 block of Vermont constantly witness accidents both at 17th & Vermont and accidents with cars parking along Vermont

Campsites on hte Vermotn 400 Block Sidewalk continue to increase on 6/28/2021

On July 2, campers moved to 17th street under the Caltrans Bridge

January 8, 2022 Under the Freeway Bridge