The Potrero Gateway Park Project was initiated in response to issues the City and State were not dealing with:


The area at the top of the hill where the freeway becomes a bridge has become a location for unhoused to set up camp. This is not healthy for the unhoused or for the neighborhood.

The upper chainlink fence intended to keep people from the freeway is constantly broken. The gate to the lower chainlink fence is often open, but there are always locations in the fence that are cut to allow access for camping


San Bruno Avenue – the 400  block –  Needs a Wall
Options are:

  • Concrete Sound Wall – – $2000/LF – $750,000 for 375 LF
    (Needs to protect the street from cars on the freeway) OR
  • Green Wall plus concrete barriers at the freeway – needs design
    (Barriers would protect the street from cars on the freeway) OR
  • Caltrans Steel Fencing plus concrete barriers at the freeway
    (Needs vines and or trees to green and beautify}
September 9. 2020 fire caused by a camper. 911 was called to report same camper on 9/5 for a fire, but the camper returned and set a fire 5 days later.

Concrete barriers installed at the freeway edge would protect the 400 block of San Bruno
Camper on the hillside between San Bruno Ave and highway 101


Vermont Street, a one-way street with TRAFFIC CALMING issues, is a continuation of the Vermont Street Exit Ramp. The Caltrans open space can function as a neighborhood amenity if the green space is extended eastward by replacing a lane of traffic. The resulting two lanes would reduce accidents at the identified traffic problem location: Vermont and 17th.

  • Replace a lane of trafic with greenspace and an expanded sidewalk
  • Close off the last bit of missing fence by extending the soundwall.
  • Install a Native Habitat Demonstration garden giving the community a place to walk, sit and explore native habitat.