Work Day

Setting up for Planting

September 3 was the second work day devoted to setting up the 3rd weed control method, Solarization. Members of the Eco-Patch team, masks on, spent 2.5 hours laying out the plastic sheeting so the sun can spend 6 weeks cooking the weeds.

First the edge of the area was dug out so it could be filled in again using dirt and rocks to hold the plastic.

Next the plastic sheeting was laid out on the 6′ x 62′ area

Finally the removed dirt and rocks were placed back on the edges of the sheeting. The intention is to prevent the sheeting from blowing away and prevent small creatures from getting under the sheeting.

Finally stakes and twine were added to mark off the intended locations for the eight planting areas.

After we get a little more twine and stakes the preparation for planting will be completed.