Potrero Gateway Park is a community initiative to improve the neglected space around 101 and under the freeway, between San Bruno, Vermont, 17th and 18th streets. Major design goals are to improve the safety, cleanliness and usability of the open space. The project is a partnership between the community and different state and local agencies including Caltrans, Department of Public Works (DPW) and SF Parks Alliance. SF Parks Alliance is the fiscal sponsor of the project.

Steering committee consisting of several neighbors from the affected area has been working on the project for over a year. Thus far, the project has raised $15,000 and has retained the services of Bionic, a San Francisco based landscape architecture firm.

Within the course of the next several months, the steering committee will be working with broader community and Bionic to conduct three community design meetings. The final outcome of this process will be a comprehensive conceptual design for the project which will be used to win funding and sponsorships from the city, local businesses and other state programs.