Moving Forward with Potrero Gateway Park

Moving Forward with Potrero Gateway Park

After working for a year on a Scope of Work and Standard Terms and Conditions, the PGPL Steering Committee regretfully decided that it needed to find an landscape design company that would sign a contract with the indemnification that the City requires.

Redefining the Scope

After much discussion the committee decided:

  • Reduce the complete park area to the area from Mariposa to 17th bounded by Vermont and San Bruno
  • Remove the word Loop from the name – Potrero Gateway Park is the full name now
  • Phase 1 focus for which ENCAC funding is not planned to change.  The focus will be on 17th Street  and the corner plazas.   We will extend further as the funding allows, including the Vermont openspace

The committee has prepared an Executive Summary:  Executive Summary

The committee has prepared a Vision and Scope Document:    PGP-Vision and Scope 

The committee used a survey to help determine priorities:    Initial Survey – 10 Steering Committee Responses

Meeting with Jeff Miller, an Annotated Map