Eco-Patch Open Garden

Flyer for the November 19th event: FLYER

Sunday November 19th from 10am-12pm

IIdiko Polony, Executive Director of Sutro Stewards will be our featured speaker. Learn about Sutro Stewards work and their nursery, a source for Eco- Patch plants and about the Plants for Birds program. Come to see the autumn beauty and seed bounty of local native plants that have had minimal water.

We will be handing out one of the four recommended plants.

Checlk out the four recommended plants using the QR code below:

Eco-Patch Workday – January 9, 2022

Reduced in number by COVID caution, volunteer Eco-Patch members spend a beautiful Sunday morning carrying in mulch and weeding the patch. The December heavy rains were appreciated by the SF Native plants, responding by looking green and healthy. Of course the oxalis responded as well. The GBD mowed ssown some of the surrounding weeds. Adding a mulch pathway around the entiree patch will keep the weeds away as well as maing it easier for folks to walk around and see how the plants are doing. The photos below tell the story too.

Goodbye Pink Flags!

The Eco-Patch is growing! It’s time for the pink flags identifying the plant scientific name to be removed. The Admiral butterfly will not find much nutrition in the flags. Our advice to the butterfly is stick to the plants!
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Photos by Alex Harker