Moving Forward

After working for a year on a Scope of Work and Standard Terms and Conditions, the PGP Steering Committee regretfully decided that it needed to find a landscape design company that would sign a contract with the indemnification that the City requires.

Redefining the Scope

After much discussion the committee decided:

  • Reduce the complete park area to the area from Mariposa to 17th bounded by Vermont and San Bruno avenues.
  • Remove the word Loop from the name – Potrero Gateway Park is the full name now
  • Phase 1 is fully funded by ENCAC and is not planned to change.  It will focus on 17th Street  and the corner plazas with hardscape and landscape & widened sidewalk and streetside parkway greening on Vermont Street
  •  Phase 2 will extend into the open space on Vermont Street and San Bruno Avenue as funding and approval allow.
  • Phase 3 will ber Art Under the Bridge on 17th Street.

The committee has prepared an Executive Summary:  Executive Summary

The committee has prepared a Vision and Scope Document:    PGP-Vision and Scope 

The committee used a survey to help determine priorities:    Initial Survey – 10 Steering Committee Responses

Meeting with Jeff Miller, an Annotated Map